Email Marketing


One of the best ways to provide updates and information to your customers is through email marketing. By sending out informative newsletters to your customers regarding all of the latest and exciting updates in your business, you will be keeping them in the loop. What’s more, email marketing can also transcend beyond your mail client, as with the addition of links and sharing options, your message can reach many thousands more.

At ITCC Digital, we have been providing email marketing strategies and newsletter creation to many of our happy clients. We seek to provide your customers with the information that matters and what they want to know. We can also make it an attractive newsletter, and will take care of the database management and archiving for you. Our email marketing strategy will also make sure that it is seen by the people that will receive it best.

Email newsletter design

Our designers will use the best techniques and principles to create an easy to read and attractive email newsletter for your customers to read. We can also make sure that there are appropriate visual cues placed throughout the newsletter, enticing your customers to find out more, or read on for further information. The newsletter will also be perfectly visible and presented across all devices, providing you with peace of mind.

Database management

Any successful email marketing campaign relies on the management of its newsletter database. As a leading email marketing company, ITCC Digital are best placed to take care of your email database, making sure that no one is missing out on your information, and that it is always in check. We can also make sure that it is easier than ever before for your customers to subscribe to get the information that they want directly from your business.

Email marketing strategies

Email marketing isn’t as simple as creating a newsletter and watching it go, you have to know how to make sure that people know where to subscribe to it. Fortunately, our expert marketers are able to promote your email newsletter to get out to those who want to see it most. We can maximise the exposure of the links inside the newsletter, too. By doing this, we can expand the your audience across a wide range of platforms and media.

Talk to the email marketing experts today

Our digital consultants are eager to hear from you about your idea for an email marketing campaign for your business. Fill out our contact form with exactly what you want to get out of your email marketing campaign, and our digital consultants will be with you shortly with a strategy that will deliver you the best results possible. Our consultants are stationed all over India, including Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Rajkot, Surat, Delhi, and Baroda.